Carlson Survey 2016 Office software



Newly released Carlson Survey 2016 continues its development of survey features based on customer requests. The versatile and popular surveying software solution works like a surveyor thinks.
Highlights in the new release includes an added method to calculate a best-fit 3D line; improved cut sheet report with added functions to set and modify values for elevation, station, and offset, plus added method to import from TDS raw data; added method to renumber coordinates by adding prefix or suffix to point numbers; and for Deed Correlation, added method using polylines for input instead of points.

Survey edit-process-raw

⦁ Built on AutoCAD and IntelliCAD
⦁ Carlson Survey will run in AutoCAD® as well as AutoCAD® Map, Land Desktop and Civil3D and also on IntelliCAD.
⦁ Flexible data storage methods
⦁ Handy tools for working in AutoCAD® such as Join Nearest, Shrinkwrap Entities, Polyline Utilities, Drawing Inspector, Layer Inspector and Twist Screen
⦁ Supports industry standard LandXML and scores of specific data conversions
⦁ By triangulation or rectangular grids
⦁ One step triangulate and contour from 3D entities as well as contouring from surface files
⦁ Change surface display properties and adjust surface functions to add and remove points and breaklines and swap edges
⦁ Volumes
⦁ Earthwork volumes between triangulation or grid surfaces
⦁ Tie cut/fill slopes from pad perimeter to surface, build pad surface, calculate and balance volumes, and edit pad parameters
⦁ Design and Edit Centerlines
⦁ Design or input alignments on screen or in dialog with graphics
⦁ Annotate station and offsets along centerline and at selected points
⦁ Reports stations and offsets for selected points along centerline
⦁ Create points at specified stations and offsets
⦁ One step profile creation with real-time update while adjusting centerline
⦁ Enter profile data in dual spreadsheet and graphic window, and design in reference to controlling profile grade points
⦁ Draws profiles on grids or plan-profile sheets with auto-updating based on edits
⦁ Create points and 3D polylines from profiles
⦁ User-defined import and export of point data along with conversions with specific other formats
⦁ Draw points with settings for symbols, layers and styles
⦁ Point group manager to define sets of point by filters
⦁ Coordinate File History
⦁ Finds point label overlaps with rule options to fix automatically
⦁ Data Collection Interfaces
⦁ Upload and download to popular data collectors
⦁ Traverse Adjustment
⦁ Spreadsheet editor for raw data with graphics and processing for traverse adjustments
⦁ Advanced network least-squares for total station, GPS and level data
⦁ Field-to-Finish
⦁ Draw points with styles and in point groups set by point descriptions and draw linework by several flexible methods
⦁ Inspect all field-to-finish elements, see description source and re-draw based on descriptions edits


⦁ Streamlined inverse, traverse, sideshot, intersections, interpolation, translate, rotate, scale and align
⦁ Coordinate Transformations
⦁ Transform coordinates and screen entities between lat/lon and grid projections as well as local to local by Helmert and least-squares methods
⦁ Create custom cut sheet reports with reference grades and station-offsets
⦁ Flexible routines to label linework in all possible layout combinations plus available rules to automatically fix label overlaps and revise labels when entities move
⦁ Draw special linetypes

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