S321 GNSS RTK receiver

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The S321 is an all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna designed by and for surveyors. The S321 delivers robust performance and high precision in the field in a compact and rugged package.

aRTK Position Aiding.
Powered by Hemisphere’s Atlas L-Band system service, aRTK provides an additional layer of communication redundancy to RTK users, assuring that productivity is not impacted by intermittent data connectivity. S321 receives the aRTK correction data over satellite, while also receiving the land-based RTK correction data. With this, the receiver internally operates with two sources of RTK correction, creating one additional layer of correction redundancy as compared to typical RTK systems. Once that process is established (which takes a few seconds), the receiver is able to continue to operate if you lose GSM/GPRS or UHF coverage for a period of time.

SureFix RTK Position.
In order to provide high fidelity quality indicators to the users, Hemisphere created an additional processor that runs in combination with the RTK engine, called the SureFix processor. The SureFix processor takes several inputs, such as GNSS data, data pre-processing results, and generated RTK solutions. The SureFix processor takes all available information and, by using functional and stochastic analysis methods, it determines the quality of the current RTK engine solution. The SureFix indicators are then combined with the RTK solution before being provided to the user. At the end of the process, the user has access to high fidelity information about the quality of the RTK solution.

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